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Start with words.
You can use video to emphasize and illustrate a portion of your text and even include text in the video.   Work by Katerina Athanasopoulou, and Adrianne Miller's poem videosKenny Tsang
Key in yourself or friends.
Film yourself or someone else against the blue/green screen and edit in other background material. Click here, for Jenkins and click the moon.  Also see Ben Wilson's Dream.  A simple gesture or movement can be made more important by isolating it or repeating it Mike Tevis's The Juggler.  See Pasquarelli's interesting double key.  Michel Gondry's The Science of Sleep
Build on small details.
Small details
 or objects can tell a lot.  Close up film or scan small objects or details and use the images in your movie. look at Brakhage's MothlightDVD. Takagi Masakatsu is a visual artist and musician who weaves a rich tapestry from simple sources.

Still images and motion control. 
Use still  pictures and do a pan and scan movie with them.    CON/:DECON/:STRUCTION/:UNIT/:UNIT/:FAMILY by Tory Fulkerson uses old found still pictures to comment on the family in the media age.  HEAD TRIPPIN by Tom Hughes uses a single still picture as a metaphor for entering the unconscious mind, the world of dreams.  Both these films were finalists in the Derek Freese High School Film and Video Festival at Temple University.Also see work by  WolowiekSchendel and Powell.

Video as an element in live performances.
Concert Videos were created collaboratively by our classes to accompany choral and orchestra msic at live concerts. Astrorama and other work by Squonk Opera use video extensively in their performances. Students created video as part of a viral marketing campaign for Astrorama.
The Perfect Circle
 explores the many different ways in which we perceive and understand. We are using the circle as a central theme and exploring how the circle is understood and significant in science, the arts, history, and mathematics. It is about the differences and commonality in these ways of knowing and understanding.  connect(dis)connect uses simple, everyday human gestures to express how we are connected to each other or disconnected from one another as the result of electronic communication technology. The piece combines live performers and interactive video to explore the theme.  This was a 2001 multimedia/dance performance piece created in collaboration with the Troika Ranch dance theater company and Artist Image Resource fine art print studio. brilla la luz alla gente del sol (shine a light upon the people of the sunalso combines video and live performance as a poetic expression of human cruelty and redemption.  This was a 1999 multimedia piece by Dr. David Berlin, Jim Reinhard and the students of the Multimedia Arts Classes.

Sampling and editing video clips.
 Things In My Head
 is a journey into childhood memory, using highly edited video samples.  A 1998 national award piece by student Kara Frost. Mike Brown does a sampled image music video. In Naqoyqatsia feature filmdirector/producer Godfrey Reggio, samples thousands of clips and images to express the increasingly artificial environment in which we live. (Trailer) (Clips)   The Big Idea sponsored by Getty Images, invited noted video producers to create original work using their stock footage. Sample video from home movies, theatrical movies, online clips and alter them to fit your theme and make them your own expression.  Check out Rivera's video. Edit a vacation video Colorado

Video as an element in a gallery installation.  
Work By Bill Viola 
an internationally known video artist. The Crossing by Viola. MOVING IMAGES (PORTRAITS) Various artists at Wood Street Galleries
The Italian duo Masbedo (Nicolò Massazza and Jacopo Bedogni)created this video installation-11.22.03.  Steena and Woody Vasulka have used video in a wide range of gallery installations.

Gregory Barsamian The Scream

Video as an element in interactive multimedia. 
Check out Cocoe as a Musical Behavior.  Visit Multimedia Student Web Sites and Final Projects for more interactive video examples.

Start with the soundtrack. 
Nick Divers
, former Multimedia student and now at NYU studying film and video.  A music video - Rough Cut

Here is Mingus Train


Try Color Rhapsodie

Can you shoot something interesting using just an iPhone? CNET takes a look..

Along those lines, how about visual comedy?

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