Classical Jazz '05

Lets Walk

Walking, running, shuffling, skipping, hopping, jumping, swimming and other forms

of human and animal locomotion are rhythmic cyclic actions which can be

described using a handful of drawings. Walking is a complex repeating pattern of

movements consisting of all sorts of interesting counterplays. The up and down

bobbing of the body, the swinging pendulum motion of the arms, the rocking

motion of the pelvis, and the complex arcs described by the picking up and putting

down of the feet. Some of the complex paths of motion found within a walk cycle.

Walking or running is a continuous process of falling off balance which is

momentarily stopped by putting a foot out in front


Here is one way to do it

How To animate a Walk Cycle part 1

How To animate a Walk Cycle part 2

8 frame walk cycle grid



2d Animated Walk Cycle

Printable version

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