Classical Jazz '05


Making a Point | Words and Pictures

We all have things we feel strongly about; jimmy's Bro
friends and family, life experiences personal or global,  memories, dreams, causes or activities.

A picture is worth a thousand words and a montage of several images can speak volumes about a subject. Digital technology enables us to seamlessly combine images, with one commenting on the other, letting the pictures make a point.

  • Brainstorm 4 or 5 things you feel strongly about. 
  • Pitch your idea in a short paragraph. Submit (type or copy and paste) your writing to us.
  • Gather, scan, draw, photograph, download images that speak to your point.
  • You will create a montage that combines your words with images of people, places and things that make the point.
  • Learn how in the tutorial here.
  • This montage can later become part of an interactive multimedia piece like this Flash Portrait ornotsosimpleton, website of Myron Campbell.









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