Classical Jazz '05



  • Re-Edit a movie trailer.  Star Wars (original) and Star Wars (21 Century update)
  • Create a 30 second video using only 1 photo image. How creative can you get?
  • Create a film using only still photographs, narration and music (La Jetee example here)
  • OR, create a documentary using only still photos, music and narration.
  • With students, assign or generate six general lines of dialogue. Have students create 2-4minute film clips exploring and interpret the dialogue. Extension: assign each group a genre.
  • Create a music video. (Focus on your editing and camera work) (examples here)
  • Create a commercial selling a product or service or a social/environment cause. Go here for Memorable and Creative Commercials
  • Re-edit an actual film trailer to change the timeline or genre (i.e. Marry Poppins: The Horror Movie)
  • Swap genres or styles (i.e. Star Wars as a silent movie, or if Saul Bass did the opening credits for Star Wars. Who is Saul Bass? or Star Wars as MacGyver)
  • Create a mash-up (info with some examples here)
  • Create a stop-motion animated movie with real people. (Human Tetris example here)
  • Retell and re-enact a movie in 30 seconds (check out Angry Alien)
  • Film the same scene five times with different lighting.
  • See how a scene changes by adding a different soundtrack to create mood.
  • Create a short clip or film in the style of a famous director.
  • How would a famous visual artist direct a film? (Dali example here) Choose a famous artists and create one.
  • Select a famous artist or art movement and create a movie in that style. What would Andy Warhol's look like?
  • Take a famous painting and create a film scene (lesson example,)
  • Create a digital children's book either via film or with still pictures. You don't even need movie editing software for this. Try using PowerPoint or Keynote instead.
  • Film an infomercial or a public service announcement. How about creating one that uses satire?
  • Create an animated film using paper images.
  • Create a silent movie.
  • Create a fictitious TV show opening title sequence (example)
  • Create a tutorial video.
  • Create a kinetic type film (examples here).
  • Create a film/video inspired by music using animation (example here) or live film shots
  • Create a stop-motion animation of the face singing lyrics to a student's choice of song. Use photography and video-editing. (student example here and here) Credit goes to teacher Ian Sanders of Apex High School for this project. Found via Digital Art Bytes Blog
  • Create a slow motion video (examples here)
  • Create an 'adbusting' or subvertising commercial (examples here)
  • Create a 5x5 video narrative (5 scenes x 5 seconds to create a narrative) (example 1example 2)
  • Check out Vimeo Video School for more ideas! 
  • Free online teleprompter here

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