This is your culminating project for the Multimedia Arts course. It is your artistic statement using the wide array of dynamic, interactive media we have explored. It should be artistic, original, and well crafted. It can be poetic, narrative, informational, surreal...your choice. It can be disk based using Flash or Web based. Look here for more information and to submit your project proposal. Work to your strength and interest. This is your project!

Flash resources and examples

Check out these links for interesting Web based art:

Creative expression The Internet is a media for creative expression that integrates many other media, including traditional and electronic image-making, animation and video, writing and music. The interactivity and connectivity of the web extends these media and creates a new media. The opportunities for collaboration, multiple iteration, interactivity and seamless integration of media and content distinguish this new form. Like the mass media that precede it, the Internet presents a challenge and an opportunity for aesthetic excellence.

Multimedia Arts Student projects that integrate images, video, animation and sound.

By Year

By Genre

Etcetera Edutainment designs games that are used by business and industry for education and training. CEO Jessica Trybus is an NA graduate.


 Operation: Baby Bookworm
A student project encouraging young readers done as a part of a literacy project.

Romare Bearden's Pittsburgh Memories
A student project highlighting one of the artist's work.
Doug Chrissman Alumni of the Multimedia Program

Avalon Commercial         Portfolio site

MVC-460F Troika Ranch Connect(Dis)Connect
A large scale multimedia/dance/music performance
Adventure Journal
Example of a personal journal in a simple HTML format.

Adventure Flash
Same story in flash format.

Broken Saints is an online graphic novel that uses Macromedia’s Flash to tell a creepy and thought-provoking story.
Mike Bockoven interactive shockwave portfolio (19 MB)

Eric Harmon Shockwave Requires Shockwave plug in

Sveriges (Sweden)Television Flash site

Alien Mellon

Washington Post Return to Afghanistan Site
 connect(dis)connect uses simple, everyday human gestures to express how we are connected to each other or disconnected from one another as the result of electronic communication technology. The piece combines live performers and interactive video to explore the theme.  This was a 2001 multimedia/dance performance piece created in colaboration with the Troika Ranch dance theater company and Artist Image Resource fine art print studio. Latest performance 16 (R)evolutions is a site that presents point and click games.

Work by David Clark a flash riff on apples and the many interconnected meanings and associations that can be generated by a single word or symbol.

88 Constelations

notsosimpleton  Website of Myron Campbell containing surreal interactive art and links to other artists' sites.

Aardman Studios site (Wallace and Gromit)


Games (click here for game templates)


Interactive Video and Animation
Virtual Worlds and Narratives
Juke Boxes and Interactive Music Players
Personal Journal and interactive Poetry

Web Based Projects

Curated Sites of Online Artworks

Individual Web Projects


Art and New Media online publications