Portfolio Web Sites


This is a sampling of portfolio web sites of the work of Multimedia Class students.  Sites includes photomontage, sound design, music composition animation and video. Also see online final projects for more extensive student projects.
Fall 2000  Period 4 Period 5 | Spring 2001 | Fall 2001 | Spring 2002

Creative expression The Internet is a media for creative expression that integrates many other media, including traditional and electronic image-making, animation and video, writing and music. The interactivity and connectivity of the web extends these media and creates a new media. The opportunities for collaboration, multiple iteration, interactivity and seamless integration of media and content distinguish this new form. Like the mass media that precede it, the Internet presents a challenge and an opportunity for aesthetic excellence.

 Operation: Baby Bookworm
A student project encouraging young reader

Romare Bearden's Pittsburgh Memories
A student project highlighting one of the artist's work.

Ian's Band 

Variations Magazine Online

Adventure Journal
Example of a personal journal


Web Based Projects

Curated Sites of Online Artworks

Individual Web Projects

Art and New Media online publications

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