Concert Videos
Fall 2008

In the fall of 2008 students of the North Allegheny Multimedia Classes created four channel video works that interpreted and were inspired by orchestral and choral music and that accompanied performances at the North Allegheny orchestra and choral concerts. Students carefully listened, critically analyzed and researched the music to develop the themes and style of the videos. They planned, shot, and edited in teams that created the videos for each movement of the music.

We hope you enjoy this collaboration of student voices and vision.

In Elegy by Elgar, the students conveyed the cyclical nature of things, reflecting on life and death and remembering fondly those lives past.

In The Star of County Down they celebrated the irrepressible spirit of the people of County Down who triumph over the struggles of life through music and dance. 

In O Clap Your Hands, the students sought to convey, through color, rhythm and imagery, the sentiment of cosmic celebration heard in the rousing music.  Diverse humanity are transformed through the music.

The students determined Shenandoah to be a piece about longing for home, the people left behind and being “bound away” to to new and challenging places.  Their research discovered that this was a song sung by river men, sailors on the high seas and even the US cavalry in the west.  It resonates with students today, many who will be leaving soon on their own life adventures and is reflected in images of their home, their friends and the places to which they are “bound away”.