Digital Portrait Photography

We will create a studio portrait with a digital camera and manipulate it in Adobe Photoshop using digital darkroom techniques.

The studio portrait provides the creative control of light, color, focus, background, costume, props and pose.  The digital format enables additional manipulation of light, color, contrast, focus as well as distortion and compositing of other material.  You will learn to:

  • Set lights, props, background and camera

  • Control depth of focus

  • Costume and pose the figure

  • Capture the images to the computer

  • Use tools, adjustments, filters, layers

  • Increase light and contrast

  • Sharpen and blur

  • Touch up defects

  • Dodge and burn

  • Composite several images together

Here are Photoshop tutorials to get you started with digital darkroom techniques.

Link to Google Docs Creative Digital Portrait Slideshow

Galleries, Examples and Resources

Some useful sites with PhotoShop tutorials


Link to the secret project