Animation encompasses a broad range of styles and techniques. All bring the inanimate; a drawing, an object, computer pixels, to life.


  • Look for the interesting style characteristics-interesting shapes, patterns, textures, light and shadow, color.
  • Look for the pace and movement of the piece.
  • Look for interesting animation techniques.
  • Look for the variety of genre including surrealism, abstraction, expressionism.

To get ideas for your work you can:

  • Look at the examples below for inspiration

We will be using Flash as the main tool to do the work

Making a button demo here


h Animatio
n including student work

Circle Project

Swiss Army Knife with Rats and Pigeons

Robert Breer

and an artist who seems to draw inspiration from Breer

Jef Sher

William Kentridge
Artist / animator winner of the Carnegie Prize



Jan Svankmajer
Czechoslovak animator extraordinaire





Curated site of
interactive art


Born Magazine
Curated site of
interactive art
and poetry


Animation World Network

Thousands of amazing animation clips

Creature Comforts


Matthew Ritchie

David Clark
88 Constelation

a is for apple


Ferenc Cako


Fred Stur Claymation


Paper Rad


Nathalie Lawhead

Corrie Francis

<strong><em>Neighbours</em></strong> (1952) -Norman McLaren.  NFB

Norman McLaren

NFB Canada

Feed The Head

Michel Gondry's The Science of Sleep

Patchwork Man

Koh Tec Han

Meg's Mural

Other Examples




Please click on and view the work of the animators above and choose one upon which to comment.
Type your comments in the form below and submit. I am looking forward to your insights and opinions!


Born Magazine Examples