North Allegheny Art and Music Departments, Dance Team and Bodiography Contemporary Ballet Present:

The Perfect Circle
A Multimedia/Dance Performance
examining the many ways we perceive and know.
Saturday, May 20, 2006, 8:00 PM, Carson Middle School Auditorium
along with a full evening of selected works by Bodiography Contemporary Ballet
Tickets $10 adults $8 students presale $10 all at the door


The performance of The Perfect Circle

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The Perfect Circle explores the many different ways in which we perceive and understand.  We are using the circle as a central theme and exploring how the circle is understood and significant in science, the arts, history, and mathematics.  It is about the differences and commonality in these ways of knowing and understanding.

This is a collaborative project that draws upon many creative people's contributions: dancers, animators, artists, stage crew, musicians.  If you are a student of NASH or NAI and would like to be involved E-mail the address below.  If you have ideas for this project go to the Idea Bank and make a deposit!  See other ideas here.

For inquiries and interest in participation E-mail