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What piece of music will you choose? Think of it as a theme and variation...

Theme and variation is a specific

What piece of music will you choose? Think of it as a theme and variation...

Theme and variation is a specific kind of form in music. The form of a piece of music tells you how the music is organized. With a theme and variation, the piece begins with a theme that is the main melody. That is followed by one or more variations of that main melody. A variation is music that is similar to theme, but is also different enough that it does not repeat the melody exactly. 


The Theme

The theme is the first main melody that you hear. It is the melody that the rest of the music will be based on. Sometimes the theme does not start immediately at the beginning of the piece, but is preceded by an introduction. An introduction is a short statement of music that comes before the actual form of the music begins.

The Theme

The theme is usually the simplest sounding melody of the piece. If we think back to our cupcakes, a cupcake that represents the theme would have no decoration, frosting, or filling. It would be the simplest version of the theme. 


The Variations

A variation is music that is based on the original theme, but is somehow different. A composer can vary the theme by changing the rhythm, changing the harmony, or by decorating the melody by adding additional notes. As long as the music is similar to the theme but not the same, this would be considered a variation. So if the baker takes a plain cupcake and puts chocolate frosting on it, this would be a variation. If they put powdered sugar and sprinkles on it, this would be another variation. 

15 comments to the post “Remix_a_Song”

  1. Mat King says:
    COmp KING

    I want to remix song song by playing the vocals on violin to an instrumental from youtube. Try out the electric violin on garageband.

  2. Caitlin Kelly says:
    Song of Storms

    I will make an orchestral version of song of storms

  3. Rebekah Funk says:
    Rebekah Funk- Remix

    I plan to remix taylor swift's, Blank Space, from pop to acoustic/classical. 

  4. Regina Munsch says:
    Let it Go!

    It's no secret that I'm a huge Frozen fan, and if slipping away to the magical land of Arendelle would make winter more bearable, then I would do it in a heartbeat.  All that being said, I'm going to remix the iconic song "Let it Go" for my composition.  "Let it Go" is a showtune, and I'm going to attempt to remix it into a jazz, classical, and rock piece.  The theme of the song is the "Let it go, let it go" sequence, and we're going to call the different genres the variations.  Let's hope this works!

  5. Brendan Kinzler says:
    Remix Song Choice

    I am going to do a rock version of Chopin's Nocturne No. 2

  6. Maxwell Godfrey says:
    Song remix

    I am making a duke ellington version of zelda

  7. Mr. Tozier says:

    I can't wait to hear these remixes.

  8. Jason Lin says:
    Composition Remix

    For my composition, I will be remixing Bach Partita No. 3

  9. Jenn Foster says:

    something with hedwig's theme.

  10. Marisa DelSignore says:

    I am going to remix Bastille's Pompeii from pop into rock

  11. Katie Scott says:

    Remix a song into jazz. (not sure which song, possibly dashboard by modest mouse)

  12. Josh Feick says:
    Josh Remix

    im gunna do a more accoustic, kinda Indie feeling version of fireflies by owl city

  13. Songela Chen says:
    Modern Day Brahms Rhapsody

    I'm planning to remix the Brahms Rhapsody in G Minor (Op. 79, No. 2) by infusing it with modern elements from Nico and Vinz's Am I Wrong. The end result will have Brahms at its core - but it will sound like hip-hop at times.

  14. Dan Hopkins says:
    Dan Hopkins Remix

    I will be remixing Carmina Burana into a rock styled song

  15. Kyle O'Brien says:
    Your Title Here

    I liked this assignment very much. i like how i was able to learn alot about chord progressions and how to change them to make them fit one style. 

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