Classical Jazz '05



The Story of Latarian

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Artist: Andrew Ho
School: North Allegheny
This is my AP Music song composition. It originally was supposed to be a Penguins theme song in E minor.  However, I began to realize that it  was sounding too dark for a theme song.  It took another turn for the dark side when I found rifle shots on Garageband.  As I tried to fulfill the last requirement of lyrics, I hit a wall until I heard the news of a 7 year old boy named Latarian Milton who stole his grandma's car and took it for a joy ride.  Intrigued, I followed his story for the next week (he's a big hit on the web and youtube).  A week later, he beat up his grandma inside a Wal Mart because he wanted chicken wings.  Never feeling so inspired before, lyrics inundated my brain.  LATARIAN.
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