Classical Jazz '05



2021 MM Fall


  • I tried
  • <p>Ever feel grey sometimes? </p><p>You might just need to add a little bit of color.</p>
  • First Photoshop in class submitting as photomontage
  • Since I really love In Real Life&#39;s song &quot;Eyes Closed&quot;. I thought, &quot;why don&#39;t we recreate the album cover and put our own spin on it?&quot;
  • A forest but with mushrooms.
  • upgrade your mind
  • The whole background is covered with bananas!
  • I made this beause i thought it looked cool its people in a train station and some of them are flaoting I like it a lot
  • Now I present....Hot Cheeto Dora&#39;s sister piece....Diego reimagined&nbsp;
  • I present....dora the explorer reimagined&nbsp;
  • ooOOOO emotions, sybmolism ooOOOOoO im so deep
  • A repesentation of how my brain has been thinking the last three weeks.&nbsp;
  • While in Ireland for vaction I was able to visit The Cliffs of Moher. They were used in the Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince movie. I took this picture while admiring the view and picturing the scene when harry and Dumbledore arrive via boast to the cave.
  • I knew from the beginning I wanted to do a montage of different photos of me from different shows of mine. It came later with the choice to make it look like graffiti. I had a base brick wall layer with a layer of spray paint textures over it. I then took my compilation of photos of me and stylized it using the creative filters. I also posterized that layer. I then duplicated the spray paint layer on top of that and used masks and blending to make it all look good together.
  • Regardless of age, gender, location, race, or any other characteristic, everyone is influenced by time in the same way. Everyone only has 60 minutes in an hour, 24 hours in a day, and 7 days in a week. Well, unless you want to get into relative physics, but I doubt many people want to do that.
  • With one of my favorite bands, Radiohead, I have always adored the album artwork. I wanted to attempt to bring all of the aspects of each album into one mashup album. Including Pablo Honey, The Bends, In Rainbows, Ok Computer, Hail to the Theif, A Moon shaped pool, and The King of Limbs.&nbsp;
  • The images are originally a photomontage, however I&#39;m not talented at editing (the technique in art is referred to as photo-Bashing! which is fun). &nbsp;So i edited a frankenstein of images and ended up lining / painting over them.
  • <p>The idea behind this picture is the increadible addiction from coffee that I have gained through the pandemic. it made me think drinking coffee is like a daily supliment or a vitamin gummy. That is the main reason why I made it.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>
  • Using My favorite picture of my car, to make this interesting all red scene and coloring in the headlights to make it pop
  • NASH fall musical stage background for Mamma Mia 2021
  • A picture of my freind sitting on top of another on of my freind&#39;s car, waiting for the the end of the world.




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