Classical Jazz '05






Once a brightly lighted world

Quickly fades to black

That feeling of falling through life’s abyss

Sets in without hope of grasping foothold

A world that seems so perfect

Views quickly change with experience

Experience usually means hardship

The utopian feeling soon fades

Life seems more real as days pass

Life’s perks soon become less perky

God quickly makes you mature

For if you don’t you will be left behind

Once you loose something dear

It never returns

All that’s left are memories



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Artist: Alex Guenther
School: North Allegheny


Lauren Galletta from: North Allegheny - posted: November 2, 2007
This poem has such a good point, the way you talk about death and how it can affect people is completely true. I love when you use wors like "utopian" and how you tried to lighten it up in the 10th line.  Also, the way your lines are broken up makes the poem read really well, and with a definate intent.

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