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Pictures of Life

Lying on my bed, I gaze above me

At all the faces I so adore.

Pictured on my walls for all to see

 The scenes from my life, one can explore.

A girl with dye on gloved open hands;

One who, being silly, pretends to roar;

Two friends skip stones while on golden sands,

They share their laughs at the Erie shore.

Beneath, a girl in a short white dress

Still sports the lucky green socks she wore.

Girls at a dance dressed to impress;

Others try on glasses in a store.

Towards the top there is a guy in drag

(playing truth or dare is never a bore).

I’ve got this all, I don’t mean to brag,

But looking up there is so much more.

I have captured green eyes that amaze

And mermaid hair that one can’t ignore.

With old Barbies, another girl plays;

They’re messily strewn across the floor.

You see all my siblings at a glance;

A shadow heart spells out our amour.

Nineties tunes make my three besties dance;

Most of the pics have all of us four.

And so I lie here and look around,

The best moments from now and before.

And so then I rise without a sound,

Grab a camera and head out the door.



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Artist: Aubrey Morgan
School: North Allegheny


Corrie Parrish from: North Allegheny - posted: November 18, 2007

Good rhyme scheme; your poem really flows well. I also like the detail; you kept my attention throughout the whole poem and you know how hard it is for me to do that. I didn't know you were into poetry which is really cool. I'm glad you have those pictures of the past and how you are working in the present to preserve the future too. good job

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