Classical Jazz '05



Loving Pests

Jammy, Swoosh, and Lee, Nestled into my scalp and i was there home. They never left me alone. It was always cold inside, They found the warmth in my core. And whispered to me, Who would have a whore? And though i don't desire This type of parasite. What other choice was there? What other choice was right? One day it would end. A pretty blond, with strawberry shampoo. Flakes of dandruff, and soap residue. My mind reeled around like a top, the merry-go-round that would never stop. I clasped my palms over my head and forged a halo, to keep them inside. I loathed the pain, and soreness they brought. But with them i was wanted: it was me they craved. Then, when he claimed everything, Tweezle scampered into my ear. There is no challange. Nothing keeps up here. We've had our fill, of a limp Greasy Girl.


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Artist: Kayla McGeary
School: North Allegheny
Ticket info - call 800-555-1212