Classical Jazz '05




I laugh
and I feel that gentle vibration
rise up inside of me and expand
to resonate throughout our universe.
I'm hearty and heavy
as I feel
those minnows swimming up my bloodstream,
riding each surging wave of ebullience;
a potent injection of fresh morning dew and corn syrup
into my veins,
spreading this happy ailment
from which we all gladly suffer.

All people speak
such unknowable language.
Some will laugh at the dog
    playing in the spray of a fire hydrant.
Some may laugh at the woeful fall of mankind.
But I know that
laughter is never more tangible than it is
in that little fart bubble I've just created
in my bathtub.


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Artist: Doug Healy
School: North Allegheny
This was the first poem I wrote in Mr. Caruso's class. I wanted to capture the feeling of laughter in words, because that feeling is so indescribable and sensational when you think about it.
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